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Wing & A Prayer

Produced by: Mike Sanches, Modeler, Inc.
Media: DVD
Length: 59 min
Item #: SP820
Price: $19.95

On August 1, 1943, 178 B-42 bombers and crews set out on what would become the most highly decorated military mission in American history: an allied aerial assault against Hitler's oil refineries deep in enemy territory at Ploseti, Romania. Wing and a Prayer: The Saga of Utah Man is the story of, and tribute to, the 1,700 men who flew this mission, told from the point of view of Walter T. Stewart.

Flying a B-24 Liberator named Utah Man, Lt. Stewart and his crew staked their faith, friendship and courage against Ploesti's perhaps impregnable defenses. Tirelessly researched and uniquely illustrated, Wing and a Prayer: The Saga of Utah Man is above all a thrilling story of duty and sacrifice--one that the passage of fifty years has not dimmed in the minds and hearts of its participants.

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