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Beehive Stories, Part One

Produced by: N/A
Media: DVD
Length: 40 minutes
Item #: TM039
Price: $10.95

The Beehive Stories documentary project provides a unique opportunity in the classroom and large group settings to discuss a variety of socio-economic and cultural perspectives. The ambitious nature of our documentary experiment is a terrific starting point for discussions on anthropology, sociology, community, and regional identity.

For information on purchasing a copy for use in the classroom (and public performance rights) contact Creative Works at

What does it mean to belong to a place? For those that live in the Beehive State, what is it that makes a Utahn a Utahn? Beehive Stories explores that question by featuring everyday Utahns in short documentaries-one for each county in the state-as they explain their sense of connection to Utah's remarkably diverse landscape and communities. Created by Emmy nominated filmmaker Brad Barber, together with Media Arts students from Brigham Young University, Part One features the first six episodes, originally airing on KBYU Eleven:

Leslie Loveless has been raising alpacas in Mapleton, Utah, for 13 years. In this inaugural episode of Beehive Stories she shows off her prize-winning animals and reflects about Utah's unique, ideal climate in which she raised them.

Scott Bartholomew is the mayor of Fayette, the smallest town in Utah, population 211. Being mayor is a volunteer position there, and Scott's service-oriented attitude is par for the course in this tight-knit community.

For Rick and Jinx Vesco, the Bonneville Salt Flats aren't just a surreal landscape; they're a place where you can be a hero or a zero. For generations their racing team has pushed land speed limits as they set records and make memories.

A.J. Kanip and his brother Reffel introduce us to cultural life on their Ute Indian reservation, where veterans play a special part. This Veterans Day they plan to honor veterans past and present through traditional song and dance at a pow-wow.

Brian Tolbert will never leave Wasatch County. The outdoor recreation it affords has become an irreplaceable part of his life. Mountain biking is his passion, but with a growing family, he is realizing that it doesn't come without a price.

Cattle ranchers Don and Beth Anderson fight to preserve a way of life that could be fast disappearing in their small, west desert community in Juab County. If Las Vegas succeeds in getting their water rights, the family business will be all dried up.

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