Basic Athletic Training Taping and Wrapping
Download - $25.00

This taping and wrapping DVD facilitates "hands-on" learning and can provide the viewer with feedback both in and out of classroom. It contains: 21 taping or wrapping techniques, a brief overview of anatomy, and how the anatomy influences the techniques.

By Special Request
Download - $40.00

This double CD set includes 94 tracks of various traditional musical styles and forms. The playlists are organized by meter (duple or triple), tempo, accent, and ultimately traditional forms.

Discussion on the Scriptures: The Pearl of Great Price
Download - $5.00

A series of discussions featuring faculty from Brigham Young University's Department of Ancient Scripture sharing their insights into The Pearl of Great Price.

Freshwater Invertebrate Identification Guide (PC Only)
Download - $15.00

Freshwater Aquatic Invertebrate Identification Guide assists in the identification of aquatic macro invertebrates of Utah to the Order, Family and Genus levels.

OrganTutor Workbook
Download - $9.50

OrganTutor a computer-based resource for classical and traditional sacred organ instruction. This workbook is a companion to the online course.

Virtual Audiometer
Download - $49.00

The student version of Virtual Audiometer permits the student to either select from a predefined set of clinical cases or a case submitted by the instructor.