Performing Christ and Satan: The York Temptation of Christ and Harrowing of Hell Live at Kalamazoo

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Dana-Linn Whiteside, Roanoke College; Joe Stephenson, Abilene Christian University; Warren Edminster, Murray State University; Gloria Betcher, Iowa State University; Alan Baragona, James Madison University; Paul Thomas, BYU, The Chaucer Studio; Tom Farrell, Stetson University; Susan Yager, Iowa State University; Frank Napolitano, Radford University; Carolyn Coulson, Shenandoah Conservatory, Shenandoah University; Jane Chance, Rice University; produced and directed by Joe Ricke, Taylor University.
Recorded at
The50th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan
Recording Date
15 May 2015

About This Product

During the 50th Congress of the International Congress on Medieval Studies, Joe Ricke organized a company of players to perform two plays in which the characters of Satan and Christ changed roles from one play to the next. Tom Farrell plays Christ in The Temptation of Christ, The York Smiths' Play, with Alan Baragona playing Satan. This play covers the first four tracks on this download. In the longer York Harrowing of Hell, The York Saddlers' Play, tracks 5-13 of the download, Alan Baragona plays Christ opening the gates of hell, and Tom Farrell plays the role of Satan, who resists the freeing of those held captive before Christ came to free the good souls after his death. We have chosen to label the cast in this all-York pairing of plays The York Players. Track 14 includes some questions from the audience and comments and discussion by Joe Ricke and various members of the cast. Sound editing by Troy Sales and Paul Thomas at Brigham Young University. Recorded at Kalamazoo by Paul Thomas, Director of The Chaucer Studio.